Как се опитаха да ме зарибят за еротичен WEBCAM чат

Как се опитаха да ме зарибят за еротичен WEBCAM чат

Разговора се провежда в Skype:

aura.cavaness: hey cutie

Blagovest Georgiev: whats up?

aura.cavaness: Hey there.. have we talked before??

Blagovest Georgiev: nope

Blagovest Georgiev: you add me how you faund my skype?

aura.cavaness: Lol sry.. I'm a little forgetful sometimes. Hows it going?

Blagovest Georgiev: do you have a pic?

aura.cavaness: Cool... I just got back from the gym. I did a bunch of squats and lunges lol I'm working on my big butt :P

Blagovest Georgiev: where are you from?

aura.cavaness: Do you chat on cam ever? Im gonna change my clothes.. wanna watch? (angel)

Blagovest Georgiev: okey i wanna watch

aura.cavaness: Im kinda horny babe... I have a fetish for being watched.. it really turns me on lol (angel)

Blagovest Georgiev: I`m a good watcher

aura.cavaness: here... http://*** go here and hit the 'Join Chat' button. I use this site because its way safer than skype lol.. Theres a pic of me on there with my new undies for u :P

Blagovest Georgiev: sorry i don`t trust these sites

aura.cavaness: I really want you to watch me baby... I'll do anything you want once you get in..

Blagovest Georgiev: sorry i think you ere man and do marketing of the site :P

aura.cavaness: If it asks for a card or anything its just to verify your age. its totally free through my page i PROMISE... Im so wet waiting for you

Blagovest Georgiev: go to fish other place

aura.cavaness: Let me know when you join.. (kiss) Im gonna get ready for you!

Blagovest Georgiev: Your message:s smells spammy :D

aura.cavaness: Are you coming?

Blagovest Georgiev: sorry i don`t

aura.cavaness: Im waiting...

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